Ratcliff RQ1507


Popular 1000kg column lift for 7.5 tonne vehicles
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The top selling RQ1507 leaves the factory fully assembled and pre-wired ready for bolting (or welding) on the vehicle body rear frame. The rear frame comes galvanised as standard and with a choice of anodised platforms which reduce corrosion and maintenance. The lifts can be bolt on or welded on the vehicle rear frame. Folding platforms up to 1720mm are available to allow for dock-loading.

{"1": { "x":181, "y":94, "mouseover":"Galvanised columns", "onClickHtml":"Galvanised columns</br></br>Galvanised columns are resistant to corrosion and no need to paint" }, "2": { "x":191, "y":131, "mouseover":"Interior 3 button switch", "onClickHtml":"Interior 3 button switch</br></br>2 button internal switch with change over button is located near the rear at a convenient height for operator use. The change over prevents the lift being operated by the external controls at the same time. Slim controls are available as an option." }, "3": { "x":300, "y":262, "mouseover":"Option of anti slip to aluminium platform", "onClickHtml":"Option of anti slip to aluminium platform</br></br>Option of Anti slip \"protecta kote\" surface provides extra operator safety and load security at all times, but especially during the adverse weather conditions." }, "4": { "x":239, "y":252, "mouseover":"Extended hinged front ramps", "onClickHtml":"Extended hinged front ramps</br></br>Reduces the loading/unloading angle of the ramp providing extra security when transporting top heavy items" } }