Ratcliff RQ518


Aluminium lightweight 500kg column lift and platform
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The RQ518 is the top of the range and one of the lightest 500kg lifts on the market to offer maximum all round efficiency for both the user and the bodybuilder. This lift is complete with anodised aluminium frame and platform – which prevents corrosion, reduces maintenance and enables increased payload. With many width/platform options it is suitable for box bodies and drop-sides

{"1": { "x":121, "y":96, "mouseover":"Driver operated switch", "onClickHtml":"</br>Driver operated switch</br></br>The 2 button control is located on top of the standard column allowing for the driver to be in control. Extra controls are available</br>" }, "2": { "x":103, "y":230, "mouseover":"Fixed leading edge", "onClickHtml":"</br>Fixed leading edge</br></br>Fixed leading edges form a permanent ramp for easy loading/unloading. They are available for all platform depths</br>" }, "3": { "x":185, "y":230, "mouseover":"Aluminium platform", "onClickHtml":"</br>Aluminium platform</br></br>Lightweight anodised platform which is resistant to corrosion. The tongue and groove assembly enables individual damaged planks to be replaced</br>" }, "4": { "x":214, "y":207, "mouseover":"Power pack in beam", "onClickHtml":"</br>Power pack in beam</br></br>The power pack is located in the beam which reduces installation time. Eliminates the need to find a suitable position on the small 3.5 tonne vehicles to mount the power pack.</br>" }, "5": { "x":268, "y":120, "mouseover":"Aluminium columns", "onClickHtml":"</br>Aluminium columns</br></br>Lightweight anodised columns which are resistant to corrosion and no need to paint</br>" } }