Ratcliff RQR1008


Full rear closure 1000kg column lift/rear frame lift
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The RQR1008 is a full rear closure lift, which is full assembled including the rear glass fibre top flap panel. This is a very good alternative to a vehicle with doors/shutters and a tail lift fitted, the bodybuilder completes a rear end frame and the rear frame would then bolt on to this – this offers a weight saving to the rear and with the whole frame and platform being annodised aluminium and very quick installation – which prevents corrosion, reduces maintenance and enables increased payload

{"1": { "x":136, "y":176, "mouseover":"All aluminium fram", "onClickHtml":"</br>All aluminium frame</br></br>Unique design replaces the vehicle rear frame, rear closure and tail lift in a single pre-assembled unit. The lightweight aluminium construction maximises payload.</br>" }, "2": { "x":135, "y":265, "mouseover":"Anti tilt latch", "onClickHtml":"</br>Anti tilt latch</br></br>Easy to use, reliable and efficient anti-tilt device ensures that the platform remains perfectly horizontal at all times during lift operation.</br>" }, "3": { "x":214, "y":277, "mouseover":"Aluminium platform", "onClickHtml":"</br>Aluminium platform</br></br>Lightweight anodised platform which is resistant to corrosion. The tongue and groove assembly enables individual damaged planks to be replaced</br>" }, "4": { "x":258, "y":15, "mouseover":"Rear flap", "onClickHtml":"</br>Rear flap</br></br>The rear flap made of a GRP Panel which adds to the reduction in weight, operated by a long strap and is gas sprung operated.</br>" }, "5": { "x":299, "y":271, "mouseover":"Fixed leading edge", "onClickHtml":"</br>Fixed leading edge</br></br>Fixed leading edges form a permanent ramp for easy loading/unloading. They are available for all platform depths</br>" } }