Ratcliff RV1503


Overhead beam all steel 1500kg column lift
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The RV1503, an all steel lift with the beam to the top of the vehicle roof, is popular with the fridge market place and vehicles with doors.The lifts can be bolted on or welded on the vehicle rear frame. Galvanised/zinc spray or painting the frame and platform are available. This lift offers the flexibility to go above the vehicle floor (subject to body dimensions) and can bespoke for special widths and floor heights including 2/3rd width platforms. This lift is suitable for draw bar/demount bodies with shorter columns/longer runners

{"1": { "x":163, "y":129, "mouseover":"Stowlock for platform", "onClickHtml":"</br>Stowlock for platform</br></br>Unique wedge design stowlock holds the platform securely in stowed position during transit.</br>" }, "2": { "x":211, "y":15, "mouseover":"Beam at roof height = RV", "onClickHtml":"</br>Beam at roof height = RV</br></br>Overhead beam lifts are frequently specified where lower beams (RQ) are not suitable, such as vehicle with doors, refrigeration, drawbar, trailer applications. An additional advantage is the platform can be raised above the vehicle floor level for sue with high dock loading facilities (must specify)</br>" }, "3": { "x":275, "y":287, "mouseover":"Steel hinged front ramps", "onClickHtml":"</br>Steel hinged front ramps</br></br>Hinged ramps fold flat against the platform. When full open they form a ramp for easy loading/unloading and are raised for load security whilst lowering/raising the platform.</br>" } }